We have completed great seminars throughout Australia and now 

invite you to join us on the following dates

Level 1 - 2019

Dates & location TBA


 Level 2 - Sydney 2019


March 23rd & 24th

Holiday Inn, Potts Point

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We can't wait to share all our knowledge with you! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 


Armed with a new understanding of the importance and relevance of nutrition, they have all learnt unique ways to help their clients with their pain and inflammation and overall health.


We  have already received feedback from several of our delegates who have instigated changes to thier clinical practice on Day 1. 


Improving patient outcomes with sound evidence-based knowledge and understanding coupled with clinical application is what The Integrated Health Academy aims to achieve for our delegates.  

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Know all the aspects


Many Clinicians are not aware of the far reaching impact of nutritional deficiencies.


Let’s take a look at one prime example.


Some of the consequences of low magnesium levels:


  • Muscle spasms, pain, tension (e.g. back and neck pain)

  • Muscle cramping, twitches, jerks

  • Muscle fatigue and weakness. Poor strength recovery post injury.

  • Restless leg syndrome

  • Mild muscle tremor

  • Shortness of breath / chest tightness

  • Heart palpitations /arrhythmias

  • Headache /migraine

  • Premenstrual tension, cramps /pain

  • Poor insulin signalling, insulin resistance predisposes to type 2 diabetes and increased inflammation

  • Frequent constipation or anal spasms

  • Difficulty falling asleep or frequent waking through the night

  • Irritability, anxiety, depression, panic attacks

  • Sensitivity to loud noises or sudden bright light

  • Numbness or tingling of skin

  • Teeth grinding


If you can tick any of the boxes above, then it is likely that you are deficient in that mineral and not running at your best.


If one mineral have such a huge influence on one's health, imagine the effect  of multiple nutrient malabsorption on your client’s health.

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Excess Sugars, Insulin Resistance and Inflammation

Our goal at the Integrated Health Academy is to improve the clinical understanding and observational skills in the science of nutritional medicine of health professionals.


Our aim is to improve the clinical awareness of practitioners of the importance of nutritional factors in wellness, fitness and disease.

Practical skills are often not enough.



Great to dispel myths and fallacies of nutrition – was as much benefit for my own knowledge of nutrition - as well as permitting me to refine what I advise clients.’


Francine St George

Sports Scientist/Physiotherapist MSc (Med), BSc (Anat), PGD Physio, PGD Sport Sc, Certificate of Acupuncture



“Thanks to Verona, Alison and Rebecca who made the course very informative and interesting. I will now have the confidence to ask  clients about their diet and lifestyle, as I now know that these may have a direct impact on their recovery and my treatment success. This course has given me a more holistic approach when assessing patients. It was a real eye opener” 


Linda Chaney